Monday, August 12, 2013

Middle-East math; why Abbas may not be the patsy that we think he is

On the face of it, the latest announcement of settlement expansion should be another nail in the coffin of Abbas' credibility.

So why are none of the Palestinian militants scheduled for release declining their good fortune to protest this settlement expansion being facilitated by Abbas?

After all, at least some of these guys are hard-core nationalists who have made a life-long commitment to putting the fate of their nation ahead of their personal fate. Why are they playing along with the Abbas strategy of allowing settlement expansion even while "negotiating" a supposedly final peace agreement?

Because they fully understand that the two-state solution becomes less likely with every new settler home approved for the occupied territories, and you should believe that Abbas understands this too.

Which leaves us where?

Which leaves us with the status quo... ever expanding settlements, ever expanding publicity for the BDS movement, and an ever-decreasing likelihood that Israel as a "Jewish state" has a viable future in the community of nations.

Abbas may not be such a hapless dipshit after all.

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