Thursday, August 29, 2013

The 24 hours that saved Assad and sunk Obama

This is the tits-up moment for war-monger number one, Senator John McCain.

John's been lobbying for war with Syria for the last two years.

All of America's besties are busy on Saturday night.

Canada is scheduled for a shampoo and curl.

The Brits have let the democracy cat out of the bag and seem to be scaling down the war rhetoric in favour of the will of the people.

The only NATO ally still on board is Francois Hollande. The poor devil is determined to win his spurs one way or another. Mali didn't quite do it, so he has been hoping for a second chance.

And of course the only democracy in the middle east would dearly love to see an all-out assault on the people of the towel, but the Likud crowd must be beyond despairing that such a thing is going to happen this time around.

Maybe even a few of the smarty-pants know-it-alls around Obama have concluded that dumping Assad isn't worth risking WW III.

So carry on with the whatever, Mr. Assad; we were just joking around with that "red line" shit.

Twenty-four hours ago, the Nations of Virtue were coordinating their plans to annihilate Syria.

Tonight they're not.

There is hope for humanity.

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