Saturday, August 31, 2013

Entire Canadian Navy in dry-dock after mishap at sea

Both ships of the Royal Canadian Navy were being towed to port yesterday after running into each other.

Navy Lt. Raul Pendergast says initial reports suggest that both Captains may have been texting while driving.

If that is confirmed it would be a violation of Navy rules of conduct. The RCN only permits the use of smart phones while its ships are at anchor or in dry-dock.

One of the most sought after assignments in the Canadian Navy is with the submarine fleet because all four submarines have been dry-docked for the past 14 years. While at one time that fact made the sub fleet something to guarantee death by boredom, the advent of the iPad and smart phone has made it highly desirable.

Swabbies assigned to the Halifax dry-dock where the Canadian sub fleet undergoes a perpetual "refit" report that a typical day consists of eight hours sleep and sixteen hours spent surfing the internet.

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