Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Desperate Erdogan wondering if he's next

Here's something worth reading.

Note the tinge of desperation as Erdogan wanly champions the imaginary obligations of the international community to intercede with the generals in Egypt and prevent the wholesale slaughter of the Morsi supporters who have been holding peaceful sit-ins in the streets.

Don't expect Hurriyet to spell out the irony of Erdogan's appeal to international law after being neck deep in fomenting the Syrian crisis for the past three years.

Truth is, the big boys have decided that the Muslim Brotherhood is expendable. That's evident by what has happened with the regime change in Qatar and the coup in Egypt. This anti-MB impetus also helps sideline Hamas while the US puts on the latest iteration of the Middle East Peace charade.

The supposed conversations that Erdogan has been having with his counterparts among the UN Security Council must have been awkward in the extreme.

It seems that Erdogan is the last to know that the world has turned a page, and that he is being hung out to dry.

True, he has clapped most of his US-trained high command into prison, but that may not be enough.

The US-sponsored "democracy activists" remain thick on the ground.

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