Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pounding the R2P war drums

Canada's national newspaper of record today features an op-ed by two lifelong political hacks, Loyd Axworthy and Allan Rock.

They argue that the west needs to intervene in Syria, and that the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine can serve as a useful fig leaf for such a manifestly illegal adventure. According to messrs. Rock and Axworthy, R2P has proven itself, being the excuse the west used both in the "successful" Libya mission and in ending "the mass killing of civilians" during NATO's war on Serbia in 1999.

These are far from unambiguous success stories. Libya has transitioned from being the African state with the highest standard of living pre R2P, to a failed state. This is success?

Anyone who takes time to acquaint themselves with the basic facts of the NATO war on Serbia knows that wholesale ethnic cleansing of Kosovars did not begin until after the bombs started falling. This would seem to be evidence against "humanitarian intervention" rather than for it.

Sadly, this op-ed isn't about what is best for the people of Syria; it's about trying to find the best excuse for launching another war on a Muslim country that is unwilling to take orders from the Nations of Virtue.

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