Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RIP Banksy of the Great White North

AC Hilgendorf kicked the bucket today.

The dude left a trail of murals on public buildings from Kincardine to Dundalk and from Wiarton to Walkerton.

He was a star who came outta nowhere.

I met him a couple of times because I used to hang out with a high school art teacher who was totally swept away by the work this guy was doing. In fact, there are faux Hilgendorf murals all over Bruce county that owe their existence to Emily Pedrosa's determination to have a legacy at least equal to Hilgendorf's.

If Allen Hilgendorf had been doing his schtick in NYC instead of Bruce County, you'd be reading his obit in the New York Times and folks would be paying millions for his murals.

Alas, he was just a local boy...

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