Friday, August 16, 2013

More weapons can only be good for nascent Colombian democracy

After you gain a "free trade" agreement the next logical step is finding something to trade, and leave it to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs and roving ambassador-at-large for gay rights, John Baird, to sniff out "new market opportunities" in that bastion of gay equality.


Yup maybe we can sell them some automatic weapons and some armored personnel carriers!

The two-year anniversary of the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement is such a universally heralded good-news story that I first read it at the Sacramento Bee.

But I suspect that's only because the Bee, like so many other news outlets, operates with unpaid interns instead of journalists and hence publishes as "news" whatever press release comes through the wire without giving it much further thought.

So is this rising tide of trade lifting all boats?...

Of course not!

Apparently "extreme poverty is on the increase..."

But at least Canada should be able to sell a few automatic rifles and armored personnel carriers.

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