Friday, August 23, 2013

How to hire foreign workers

If you're one of those employers who is sick to death of lazy-ass locals whining that the minimum wage you're offering isn't enough to live on, the Harper gang has good news for you!

Yes, Citizen and Immigration Canada has lots and lots of helpful websites, links, and thousands of helpful staffers to shepherd you through the process of importing hard-working Mexicans and Filipinos who think eleven dollars an hour is manna from heaven!

And it is, when you've spent your entire life in a one room unheated tin shack with an extended family of 19.

Here's the best part; once the Harper gang has helped you get them here, they're yours! Yessiree Bob, they can't just up and quit like the locals because somebody down the street offers them a couple of dollars more.

It's the best deal for employers since before Honest Abe abolished slavery!

You'll NEVER have to worry about Pablo whining about overtime pay, benefits, or working conditions!

And you'll never have to hire one of those lazy-ass Canadians again!

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