Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The unAmerican way to run a railroad

We know the American way.

Fast Eddie Burkhardt nickle-and-dimed his workers half to death his entire career. Even after the horror of Lac Megantic, Burkhardt was arguing that single operator trains are safer because there are "fewer distractions."

E. Hunter Harrison got a $50 million signing bonus courtesy of Bill Ackman to work his slash-and-burn magic at Canadian Pacific. Does anyone dare question if there is a connection between Harrison's goal of slashing a quarter of the workforce and the fact the rate of accidents at CPR has gone up by 26%?  
Believe it or not, there's another way to treat employees. Here's an excerpt from the website of German rail operator DeutscheBahn:

What we do for our employees

For a secure future – and a lifetime career

We accept responsibility for our employees. It begins with first-class training and continuous education, followed by fair wages based on collective bargaining agreements, down to comprehensive social benefits.
What the hell is wrong with those people?
Burkhardt and Harrison would die laughing!
A lifetime career?
Comprehensive benefits?
Get outta here!

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