Friday, August 23, 2013

World-class wannabe delivers world-class dose of food poisoning

Folks in Toronto are so stunned they elected a right-wing dickhead as mayor because he campaigned on the age-old ploy of promising to cut wasteful spending.

What that meant in practice was privatizing trash pickup; what used to be a $45 thousand a year job has been privatized into a $25 thousand a year job - this in a city where the average house price is well north of half a million.

The world class wannabees are getting a double-dose of class today. None other than former world-class professional wrestler Hulk Hogan favoured the city with a visit!

Not only that, but he did a PR turn with the mayor by challenging him to an arm wrestle! Is that world class or what?

But... not only that, THE MAYOR WON!!!


That should put to rest the vile crack video innuendo that's been dogging His Worship for months.

Sadly, news of the mayor's victory was eclipsed by the news that over 150 people have been felled by food poisoning after visiting one of the world's greatest open-air harvest festivals, the CNE.

Apparently what did them in was the "cronutburger",  an invention that was to put Toronto on the culinary map once and for all.

That's how it goes in Toronto's neverending struggle to make the "A" list of world class cities... every once in awhile a step forward, but then, regrettably, a step back.

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