Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ambassador Kevin Vickers, action hero

You can't deny that Kevin Vickers is a man of action. In fact, he has proven himself to have a pair when pandemonium breaks out around him.

But I find his latest adventure a little less than convincing. Hey dude, the guy you collared wasn't waving a weapon or anything; why not let the security detail deal with him... and you're not the security detail; you're the Canadian ambassador!

And what the protester was protesting was Brit imperialism in Ireland. There's a very legit argument to be made that the ceremony the protester was protesting was a celebration of that imperialism.

Of course it was!

Is that what we want to be celebrating?

Anyway, the government of Israel likes him, for the most specious reasons, but let's not quibble over that now.

But please remember, Kevin, you're the ambassador now... not the security guard.

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