Monday, May 23, 2016

Austria; the canary in democracy's coal mine?

Nice mix of metaphors and shit on view there, eh?

We've been hearing way too much about how the Nations of Virtue are swinging to some imagined "far right." We are told that far right demagoguery has eclipsed rational discourse in nations as diverse as Hungary and the USA, France and Poland...

But in Austria today, the supposed right wing extremist was unexpectedly trumped by the former leader of the Green Party.

Maybe that shift to the right that the MSM have been warning us about was just a feint, and the people are moving massively to the left?

I mean, why wouldn't we?

If we'd just stop with random wars and the F-35 and rebuilding Afghanistan and all that shit, just imagine what America might look like if government policy were to reflect the public interest.

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