Saturday, May 7, 2016

Drumpfobia splits the GOP

It's been a heady few days in the race for the White House. Chris Christie was the first high-profile establishment Republican to come out for Trump, but he's getting more and more company. Sorry Chris, that VP slot may no longer be the slam dunk it looked like at the time!

Herman Cain has clambered aboard the Trump bandwagon. That means that both black candidates from the last two election cycles are now Trump supporters. Pulls a bit of rug out from under that "Trump = racist" meme, doesn't it? That meme is of course the touchstone of the white liberal intelligentsia, the same folks who still think, this late in the game, that Hillary has any "liberal" cred whatsoever.

Rick Perry has signed up. He's a serious enough guy in traditional GOP circles. But he's got nothing on Darth Cheney, who, much to our surprise here at Falling Downs, has climbed aboard too.

Maybe it was the heart transplant?

And then there's Sheldon. Sheldon and Donald have at times been bitter rivals. I think in the course of their rivalry, Sheldon has perhaps prevailed in the net worth rankings. But he's gotta have nothing but respect for Trump for the way he has steam-rolled over the duds Sheldon was financing. The fact that Sheldon can admit his mistakes says a lot about the man... he's not a complete shitbag after all!

Meanwhile, back in Crawford, W has poutily declined to support the "presumptive" GOP nominee. Seems the entire Bush clan are having a group sulk because Trump made mincemeat out of Jeb without really trying. Jeb wasted what, $150 millions on his DOA campaign?

Holy Christ! It's not hard to see why the Bushes are bitter!

Paul Ryan still has wet dreams about being in the oval office himself someday, so he's hedging his bets. And when I say "in the oval office" I mean sitting behind the big desk. The reason he's hedging his bets is because there's a lot of GOP bigs coming out, if you can imagine such a thing, for Dem front-runner Hillary!

Most of the PNAC crowd is way inclined to get behind Hillary, and it's not hard to see why. Trump is a loose cannon. He's unpredictable. He could conceivably do all kinds of scary shit; get along with Putin, stop overthrowing governments we don't like, abrogate the trade deals that have disembowelled America's working class, and so on.

Hillary, on the other hand, is gonna continue the tried and true course of perpetual war and the never-ending sell-out of working Americans. Let's face it - that's a formula that works for a huge slice of the American oligarchy!

So we've got a Manhattan lib hi-jacking the GOP, and a Dem candidate far to the right of the GOP candidate...

Best race ever!...

End Times indeed!

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