Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump and Israel

While Donald Trump may not be a New York City Jew himself, that's certainly the milieu he hails from. In New York City, and especially Manhattan, there's not a lot of light that separates the gentiles from the Jews. I'd have liked to add "and from the Mohamedans,"  but at the moment there's not much of a Mohamedan presence in those fancy co-ops around Central Park, and in Trump Towers and all of the towers of Donald Trump's imitators.

Historically, those Manhattan Jews have always had leftish proclivities. Historically, they've always supported,  if with nothing else but money and rhetoric, the State of Israel.

But we've come to a singular station where the gulf between leftish proclivities and the modern State of Israel is so vast that in the future it becomes less and less likely that progressives of any denomination will align themselves with Israel.

Enter Trump.

He's been saying some soothing things lately...

Sure, Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Israel. I'll put the embassy there.

Go ahead, put up as many settlements as you want...

And here comes the "by the way."

By the way, we're trying to trim back our expenses and our commitments to allies who are really expensive but don't actually bring any benefits to the relationship.

So good luck with those new settlements but the USA is outta here, and so is our four billion a year welfare cheque

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