Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bean salad and pickled beets

Hey, it's not a bad diet once you get used to the toilet bowl running red.

Ya, that's a real fuck-up with the pickled beets. I'm definitely not the first person to show up at ER having a panic attack about their red bowel movements.


Oh my God, I'm bleeding from the lower intestine!...

What kind of cancer is it?

Oh, sorry... you had pickled beets for lunch again, didn't you.

Ya, I'm on a pickled beets and bean salad diet. I like bean salad and I love pickled beets, even though they cause you to shit red.

I'm thinking of firing up a new blog, "Dieter's blog." There would be a shit-load of folks just looking for diet tips who would mistakenly click on to it. In no time it would have way more traffic than this "save the world from the plutocrats" bullshit that I've got going on now.

Pickled beets and bean salad...

Sounds like a winning formula to me!

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