Monday, May 23, 2016

Why are all those noxious neocon turds aligning behind Hillary?

The mainstream "liberal" Toronto Star saw fit to run an opinion piece by neocon turd supremo Robert Kagan the other day, the gist of which was that America is flirting with fascism.

Yup, it's that Trump thing.

Trump is the Pied Piper of populism - the American Hitler. Yessiree, America today is just like Germany in the thirties.

There are of course innumerable reasons why America today is nothing whatsoever like Germany in the thirties.

Today, America remains the world's only super-power.

In the thirties, Germany was just digging itself out of failed-state status.

Alas, those parallels are not the ones that Kagan et al would like us to focus on. Whereas Germany was digging itself out of failed-state status in the thirties, America in 2016 is digging itself deeper in.

You see the signs of it everywhere.

The decaying infrastructure.

The student loan crisis.

The failed health care system.

The ninety million working-age Americans not "participating" in the workforce, because if we counted them as unemployed the unemployment rate would be at crisis levels.

America is fucked.

But if you've noticed, it's been salad days for big pharma, the weapons purveyors, and the prison-industrial complex, among others.

That would be the crowd Robert Kagan shills for.

Yes, business has never been better for that tiny elite who have been profiting from America's decline!

That's why Donald J. Trump is such a threat to the status quo.

Trump might, and "might" is the key word here, just upset the apple cart. What a disaster it would be for the Kagan crowd if Trump actually did make peace with Putin. What, no more reason to outspend Russia on bombs and bullets by a factor of ten to one?

That would absolutely cripple the bombs and bullets complex and the dozens of Washington think tanks they fund, wouldn't it?

That said, I fear that the more mainstream advisers Trump takes on, the more likely it is that he will be co-opted by the prevailing DC geist.  Nevertheless, there remains a sliver of a chance that Trump "might" overturn the status quo.

After all, he's said "you're fired" before, and maybe those are the words a lot of those establishment advisers could be hearing right after Cleveland.

Which is why those noxious neocon turds are stampeding to the safety of Hillary Clinton.

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