Monday, May 30, 2016

Multi-culti crowd exchanges fisticuffs in multi-culti capital of Canada - over parking space

I've only been to Costco once or twice in my life, and as a "guest," not as a member. Like what the hell is that, some sort of cult of consumerism?

Anyway, you'd think all those cult members would share some basic values, beyond knowing how to fill a shopping cart with crap they don't need, at the best price. But apparently those shared values don't extend to passing up the very last parking slot in a thousand acre parking lot.

At some level I think this is also a good case in support of gun control. If any of those folks had been packing when the red descended on them, somebody'd be dead!

Then again, knowing the other guy probably has a Glock in the glovebox might incline one to shut-up and just look for another parking space.

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