Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bank of Montreal leads way in upping dividend while slashing payroll!

They obviously have some sharp capitalistic minds in the corner offices down there at BMHQ.

Yup, they're upping the dividend... while simultaneously slashing nearly two thousand lazy-ass malingerers off the payroll.

Hey, if you can slash all those folks off the payroll without anyone noticing, either the company has been very poorly run, or the management team has totally given up and are in "loot and pillage" mode. Nobody actually believes they missed those two thousand dog-fuckers on their last 15 efficiency crackdowns, do they?

So which is it?

They're cutting staff to save money. While they raise the dividend...

You don't figure they're just trying to pump a little air into the share price till all those head office types cash out their stock options, do you?

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