Saturday, May 14, 2016

Announcing the million dollar Falling Downs Hedgie of the Year Award

That's right folks, the think tank here at Falling Downs will hand out a ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE to the hedge fund manager who you believe has contributed the most to civil society in the past year!

Who will be the hedgie of the year?

Vote early and vote often for your fave hedge fund manager!

Will it be Bill Ackman? The guy who looted the CPR?

Paul Singer? The guy who looted Argentina?

The erstwhile Canadian, the guy who looted Robert Schad's company, but who's name escapes me due to my early onset Alzheimers?

Vote early and vote often! This is an unprecedented prize in the anus of business awards! Never before has a million dollar prize been bestowed on the billionaires who have been destroying the economy!

Just send your nomination, along with the entry fee of one million dollars (US dollars, if you don't mind) c/o this blog.

We promise to send everyone who supplies a nomination a free Falling Downs coffee mug!

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