Sunday, September 29, 2013

Canada greenlights industrial-scale marijuana grow-ops

Obviously the Harper gang wants to let a bit of the pot-scented wind out of Justin Trudeau's sails.

And they're doing it in the typical Harper way.

To hell with the cottage industry types growing organic weed for the connoisseurs. So what if some hillbilly can come up with a hundred pounds of organic additive-free primo; the Harper gang wants to shut those guys down and deal with "legitimate businessmen" who have a verifiable track record of financially supporting the Conservative Party.

"Legitimate businessmen" who will undoubtedly be one or two degrees of separation away from Asian crime gangs or the bikers, the very groups attempting to monopolize the illegal trade now.

Maybe this is the quid pro quo attached to Harper's billion dollar gift of subway construction funding to the drug-dealing Ford brothers of Toronto?

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