Sunday, September 15, 2013

Watching Miss America

What? They still do this stuff?

I didn't realize Miss America had survived late 20th century feminism. I just barely got through that era myself, and much the worse for wear, I might add.

Why is Miss Arkansas wearing a slinky dress instead of bib overalls?

Why is Miss Alaska black and Miss Mississippi white?

Why does that crowd in Atlantic City never stop their imbecilic cheering?

The first and last time I was in Atlantic City was the year the US landed on the moon.

It could be just my memory playing tricks on me, but I'm thinking we're not seeing as many anorexic women as we would have back in the day.

I've heard it said that the Miss America contest is as fake as the moon landing.

I don't know why people have to be so cynical. Is it not possible to land a man on the moon in the same universe where we have really great baton twirlers?

Hell, wasn't that Chris Hadfield twirling batons in the International Space Station just a coupla weeks ago?

We all bring different strengths to the game of life, and it is for some to walk on the moon, and it is for some others to twirl batons...

We're now witnessing the swimsuit part of the competition, which the presenter has just informed me is about health and fitness.

Really? There's a lot of feminist studies grads who probably think it's about the objectification of women.

Have to say I don't get it one way or the other.

But it would have been nice to say we're over this kind of stuff.

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