Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tears for Hollande

France 24  has a bizarre interview with Senator-for-war John McCain this morning, in which he laments the tragic turn events in Syria have taken.

McCain is deeply disappointed that the war he could already taste mere days ago has been snatched away by the perfidy of that punk Putin. In the course of his remarks McCain uncorks this whopper, "All of us seek a peaceful, non-violent resolution to this conflict."

Of course we do, John...

McCain expresses concern for the predicament that French President Francois Hollande now finds himself in. Already through the floor in polling numbers, Hollande must have thought there was nothing to lose when he stepped forward so conspicuously as the only US ally other than Israel to back military action against Syria.

It was perhaps his last best chance at those spurs his spiritual guide BHL has promised him.

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