Monday, September 2, 2013

The "credibility" of the USA

I was listening to Senator McCain pontificate on the grave disservice the first black president is doing to the nation by not invading Syria right away.

According to war monger #1, Obama is "undermining the credibility" of the US.

Where in the world does the Senator imagine that America retains any credibility?

The Saudi's have been going behind Uncle Sam's back to pursue their own agenda.

Ditto Qatar and the Gulf gang.

Nobody trusts Obama in the Holy Land.

The Generals in Egypt thumb their nose at America even as they keep taking the billions in aid.

India? Pakistan? China? Does any serious person believe America still has clout over there?

As for Russia, Putin's contempt for Obama is almost palpable, and no wonder.

Everybody in Russia understands who runs Russia.

Everybody in America knows Obama doesn't run America, let alone anything else.

Here is the list of who still believes in America's credibility;

  • mainstream news platforms in the NATO states
  • Francios Hollande
  • the Free Syrian Army
... and two out of three of those are faking their faith.

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