Sunday, September 29, 2013

Susan Rice claims US still supporting moderate Syrian rebel

Four days after a coalition of Syrian rebel groups rejected the leadership of the US sponsored Syrian National Coalition, Susan Rice appeared on Fareed Zakaria's show on CNN to assure the American public that the US continues to support the moderate rebel in Syria.

Falling Downs field operatives tracked down the moderate rebel, Captain Abdul Barakat of Battalion One of the Free Syrian Army, at the Best Western in Istanbul for a Q & A.

FD: Captain Barakat, how is it you are able to fight Assad from your suite at the Best Western in Istanbul?

AB: I am temporarily on furlough, a little bit of R and R, and much needed, I must say.

FD: So you maintain command of your troops in the First Battalion from your command centre here?

AB: What troops? It's not called the First Battalion, it's Battalion One, because it has one guy. Me. Battalion Two had two guys but they defected to the Islamists.

FD: So when were you last in your country?

AB: I was in my country just last week.

FD: Where in Syria were you, and what was the situation on the ground?

AB: Syria? I wasn't in Syria, I was in my country. I live in London. Situation on the ground is tense. That Cameron is an idiot, worse than Blair.

FD: Oh... so when were you last in Syria?

AB: I flew in with Senator McCain a couple of months ago for a photo op. That's me there in the picture, right behind the Senator.

FD: So... do you actually have any fighters on the ground in Syria?

AB: Of course! We are all brothers united against Assad... every fighter is my brother!

FD: But do you command any of them?

AB: This the problem from the lack of support from USA. We need heavy weapons. Tanks and drones too, and no-fly zone across country. If Americans step up support, maybe nice shock and awe from Hellfire missiles and Pavemaster on Assad for a few months, then I have command in Syria, but America shameful for lack of help for Syrian freedom fighters. All they supporting now is State Department pay bill at Best Western, but Abdul left to fend for self on bar fridge tab.

FD: Well good luck to you, Captain Barakat, and thank you for your time.

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