Monday, September 23, 2013

Tony Blair takes time out from JP Morgan sinecure to shill for global warming

Phony Tony's got himself on the front page again.

This week he's an expert on climate change. Have you noticed the subtle shift in emphasis that the carbon tax crowd has taken over the last year or so? It used to be "global warming" this and "global warming" that and global warming out the ying yang...

They don't talk about global warming much anymore, do they?

But that godam climate change is gonna be the death of us, ain't it?

The reason the JP Morgan/Al Gore/Tony Blair crowd has such a keen interest in "climate change" today and "global warming" last week is because they've got the answers, don't you know! The answers involve convoluted carbon credit exchanges that work like this;

  1. Cabal of big banks and commodity brokers set up carbon credit exchange.
  2. Every entity that has a carbon footprint will need to pay a fee to that exchange.
  3. Exchange members will have the sole right to exchange carbon credits for cash!
  4. Gross carbon output will continue to rise, but aforementioned cabal will profit from every ton of carbon produced, thereby propping up real estate values in Mayfair, upper east side, and wherever else the new golden boys of capitalism, the carbon brokers, choose to put down roots.
That pretty much sums it up. On the other hand, there are real reasons why real people might want to turn thumbs down at the continuing excesses of the fossil fuel oligopoly. Traditional belief systems the world over value mother earth, and humanity's role as stewards of nature. You don't have to be a climate change fanatic to realize that wasting a hundred barrels of fresh water to dredge up one barrel of tar sands sludge is profoundly stupid.

Or that injecting poisons into the earth to "frac" reluctant oil and gas formations is foolhardy to the point of criminality.

Or that merrily forging ahead with nuclear power when there is no known solution to the problem of nuclear waste is beyond reckless.

Yet all of these technologies are underwritten with great enthusiasm by the same gang of self-dealing opportunists who have for a generation been flogging the global warming/climate change guilt trip!

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