Monday, September 30, 2013

The Jews are OK, but the nazi pogrom against the Roma continues

Since the Hitler era, we have seen the establishment of Israel, which has become the bully of the Middle East, replete with a tidy arsenal of nuclear weapons and a perpetual free pass from any UN condemnation courtesy of big brother in Washington.

Nobody gonna mess with those folks.

Those other denizens of the gas chambers of the nazi empire, the Roma, have got what?

A crisis in that bastion of human rights, Sweden, where it has come out that there is a secret registry of all Roma living in the land.

To what end?

Another crisis in socialist France, where opinion polls made public at the weekend revealed that a full three out of four Frenchmen are in favour of kicking the Roma out of the country.

And yet another door slammed shut in that multicultural paradise, Canada, where last year the Harper government took Hungary off the list of countries whose emigres are eligible to be considered for refugee status - because as everyone knows there is no possible way that anyone from that capitalist democracy could possibly be facing persecution of any sort.



What could possibly be the problem?

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