Wednesday, September 4, 2013

AIPAC and "civilized norms"

AIPAC's response to Obama's search for support for an assault on Syria is rich in irony.

By citing "civilized norms," the AIPAC crew invite examination of how the states of Israel and the USA conform to those civilized norms.

America has staged a series of illegal foreign adventures from Vietnam to Central America to Iraq to Libya and beyond. Those adventures have cost millions of innocent lives around the world. America has absolutely no claim to virtue in its conduct over the past 60 years.

Israel's heavy handed conduct in the occupied territories, her relentless policy of colonizing those territories, the outrageously disproportionate response to any real or imagined threat from any real or imagined enemy, all place that country firmly outside any so-called civilized norms.

Yet the America Israel Public Affairs Committee seek to justify an attack on a sovereign nation that has not attacked either of them on the grounds that Syria has violated civilized norms?

Utterly outrageous!

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