Friday, September 13, 2013

CP Rail charms Calgary with yet another "oopsie"

That's railroad jargon for when a train laden with highly flammable petroleum products derails in an inner city neighbourhood.

CP Rail seems to have had quite a spate of those since Wild Bill Ackman and his $50 million sidekick Hitman Harrison deigned to free up "shareholder value" by firing thousands of CP Rail employees.

Luckily, this time round there was no leakage, no explosions, no deaths, and no major headlines. But if you have a close read from about paragraph eleven on you can see that the next Lac Megantic is just a matter of time.

The good luck CP Rail enjoyed this week is what's known as "sound management practices."

When a downtown Calgary neighbourhood eventually blows up it'll be known as bad luck.

Those thousands of unemployed CP Rail employees put out to pasture by Hunter and Bill will know better.

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