Sunday, September 22, 2013

Israeli commandos prepare to liberate shopping mall in Kenya

I wonder if they're going to call it "foreign aid"?

This one-ups the Canadian policy of subsidizing their mining companies and calling it foreign aid. The Netanyahu government is signalling that the IDF now stands on guard for Israeli capitalists anywhere in the word their investments might take them. 

That could bode ill for the suits at Potash Corp if they try to take another run at Israeli Chemicals. Before you know it you'll have IDF special forces rappelling up the HQ in Saskatoon. And be warned, any would-be African potentate who might try to rein in Dan Gertler's rampant entrepreneurialism in the Dark Continent. 

Frankly, this is a good move for big capital, Israeli or not. No more lip service to antiquated notions of the integrity of sovereign states and all that claptrap.

After all, it's money makes the world go round, and when we send armies across borders to protect it, they're really protecting it for all of us...

Aren't they?

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