Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Greeks need to riot in Brussels and Berlin, not Athens

The word "riot" being mandatory terminology in Western media for the nationwide anti-austerity protests ongoing today in Greece.

The lesson from Greece for every poly-sci major is all about how much a nation state can lose when it gives up being a nation state.

Not that it is some sort of platonic pie-in-the-sky "nation state" paying the price; it is the people of Greece.

Meanwhile, the perpetually smug Merkel enters into the election a formidable favourite. She is, after all, well able to win an election in Germany.

She would not win one in Greece.

And that's the problem with the EU. It becomes a democracy of democracies that favours the loudest voices and the deepest pockets at every step of the way.

That seems to work out for Ms. Merkel.

How is it working for the rest?

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