Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why "The War on Terror" will never be won with more bombs, more bullets, more resolve, more boots on the ground, more cliches...

If you've been following the news, Islamic State is up against it because they are now under attack in both Iraq and Syria. The latest "Battle of Fallujah," much ballyhooed in the media for the past week, has ground to a halt before the "new" Iraqi army and their American "advisers" even entered the city. This was to be a test not only of that army, but of Abadi's leadership.

In a face-saving bullshitting exercise, Abadi has today claimed that although victory is at hand, he and his new army have ceased their advance out of concern for civilian casualties! Were this whopper to contain even a minute morsel of truth, it would mark the first time in the last eighty years that any combatant on any side in any Middle Eastern conflict has ceased hostilities out of concern for civilian casualties...

No, what's happened is that this latest glorious liberation of Fallujah has run out of gas even before the new Iraqi army got there. You'll be hearing plenty of experts waxing wise in the days to come about what must happen now. More training. More American advisers. More guns, bombs, bullets etc. Of course that's what the experts will prescribe - otherwise they'd have to face the fact that the only way to make peace with this mysterious contagion known as " radical Islam" is, brace yourself... by negotiating with the  "terrorists."

And what a mysterious contagion it is. Why do these nihilistic death cults hate us so? For our freedoms? For our democracies? Because we let women drive cars?..

Or could it be something else? Could it be they hate us because we've been stealing their stuff, killing their kids, and destroying their societies for the past hundred years?

Something to think about.

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