Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit Schmexit

Here's an interesting story from CNN Money about stocks that moved up as the world supposedly stood at the brink of that imaginary abyss created by the Brexit vote.

And here's another not-so-bad news story out of Canada.

So is it possible that the sky is not falling after all?

True, two positive stories in a vast ocean of negativity won't prove that case. In fact, all the MSM platforms owned by the 1percenters are utterly awash with foreboding tales of hypothetical doom and gloom. Phoney Tony "War Criminal" Blair has an op-ed in the NYT decrying the folly of Brexit. My Globe and Mail today was full of the same reflexive anti-democratic twaddle. All these champions of democracy having a collective shit-hemorrage when the vote doesn't go their way is something to see, is it not?

Of course, all these democracy advocates are bemoaning the fact that ill-educated racists were allowed the vote in the first place. They don't seem to get the fact that folks on main street are way smarter than that. After watching their livelihoods shrivel constantly since the Thatcher-Reagan era, there's a lot of working class folks who have finally cottoned onto the fact that hey, maybe it's not their fault!

Maybe, just maybe, the blame lies with the chauffeured Bentley cunts in Mayfair? The same insatiable greedbags who have led the chorus for "remain." The same crowd that gets richer by the year profiting from the disintegration of the society they've been immiserating these past forty years.

Yes, they are right to be unsettled.

But is it the end of the world as we knew it?


It's an interesting side-bar that "remain" was the default position for youth across Great Britain. That's because they fear losing the opportunity to cross the Channel and get either work or an affordable post-secondary education. What does that say about how the GB economy has been managed in the post-Thatcher era?

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