Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pot-addled hillbilly takes a break from Bieber-bashing to pontificate on Brexit

It's gotta be tough being Bieber, wouldn't you say?

Yup, slamming Hollywood starlets and being an asshole at A-list parties has pretty much gotta drain your energy, at least if you had any in the first place.

But no matter the level of assholery, Biebs remains on the A-list.

I know... it seems to energize him.

But belieb it or not, there are bigger deals than Bieber loose in the world today.

Like Brexit for example.

Frankly, if George Galloway and Boris can see eye to eye on Brexit, there must be something good in Brexit.

And when Phoney Tony is campaigning for the "remain" side you know immediately that "remain" is profoundly flawed.

I've heard it said that Obama has weighed in on the remain side because it's way easier to steer one combine of 28 nations than it is to steer 28 disparate nations who each have their own agenda. That shit-show would just be totally unmanageable.

It's a conundrum alright.

But when Phoney Tony is on the one side, and George and Boris are both on the other, there's no question about which side of the debate I'm on.

Brexit now or Brexit later, but sooner or later Britain is out of the EU.

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