Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tomorrow's basket case today

Big news today in the World 'o Wee Republics; the World Bank has prepped a $300 million loot bag for Montenegro!

Never heard of it? Small wonder, 'cause it's a small wonder alright. A population the size of Toledo Ohio or Portland.

Portland Maine...

20% unemployment. That's the "official" number. Who knows, actual unemployment probably double that. A gangster president who slides into and out of INTERPOL's most wanted on a regular basis. A "democratic" system that seems to keep coughing up aforementioned gangster president.

Not that it's all bad news out of Montenegro. Canadian gold honcho Peter Munk gifted them with a nifty super-yacht port where you can avoid taxes on your yacht fuel. And when you're buying the yacht fuel by the metric tonne like Munk and his pals, and not by the litre, those savings really add up!

And even though the population of the country isn't more than a smallish American city, they do have one thing going for them; a Mediterranean frontage suitable for NATO warship anchorage!

Hence the hand extended in friendship last December to Montenegro's gangster President for Life. Why not join the NATO gang, Mr. President?  

You'll be among friends!

So the announcement this week that the World Bank has a $300 million loan on offer to the bankrupt Republic of Montenegro comes as no surprise.

Sooner or later, of course, the people of Montenegro will come to realise that loan was a loan. They, and not the gangster President, will be expected to make the payments...

Or sell off whatever state assets remain.

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