Friday, June 10, 2016

What cats do when you're not home

We've had this conversation many times around here. Chloe and Doublewide both have their own food dishes. Doublewide used to have another name. But over the years she's got wider and wider, while Chloe got skinnier and skinnier.

When we're around, the cats show ultimate respect for one another's territory.

But what happens when we're not around?


When we're in the house we never see cats on the kitchen table. Never!

But today we came home after a brief outing only to find a partially congealed puddle of cat barf on the kitchen table. Not only that, but there was a slightly smaller puddle of same on the keyboard of my laptop, which I'd left open on the kitchen table.

So obviously one or both of the cats were on the kitchen table, surfing the web on my laptop, when they found something that so grossed them out they both regurgitated their kitty kibble right then and there.

Probably a cute dog video or something...

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