Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thank God Trump was not President this week!

Stop for a moment and reflect on what this week would have been like had Donald Trump been president - the carpet bombing he'd have ordered in the Middle East...

Yup, for sure that's what would have happened this week, and lots more. Mosques firebombed... US embassies around the world firebombed too! That's according to NYT journo supreme Thomas Friedman in today's New York Times International Weekly.  The NYTIW is a few pages of filler the folks at the Sunday Star throw in with their paper, possibly to give us Hicksville hayseeds a taste of big-time journalism, or more likely because it's way cheaper than producing original copy with their own professional journos.

Friedman's article is grandly titled "lessons of Hiroshima and Orlando." At first I thought there must have been a copycat attack on a gay club in the Japanese city, but no, he really is referencing the attack in Orlando last weekend and the nuclear obliteration of Hiroshima, in the same headline, because apparently both are somehow related to a Donald Trump presidency. Or something...

And TLF isn't the only NYT deep thinker with Trump, Islam, and Orlando (although apparently not Hiroshima) on his mind this week. Roger Cohen begins his take on the state of the universe with this howler; 

Omar Mateen, the Florida shooter who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, just ushered Donald Trump to the White House, Britain out of the EU, Marine Le Pen to the French presidency, and the world into a downward spiral of violence.

He did??? That'd be a decent night's work for one dude with an assault rifle, were it not such outlandishly overblown hyperbole.

Ya, the world is a tinderbox set to explode, and driving all this mayhem is the fact that "Islam is in epochal crisis." There is something about Islam that makes those folks hate modernity, women, freedom, gays, Americans, and each other. And Donald Trump is just riling them up even more. Or something...

But he saves the best of his incoherent ramble for President Hopey Changey. Apparently the world would be less of a tinderbox had Obama got tough with Assad and Putin. Not invading Syria has been Obama's single deadliest foreign policy mistake.

What we need to make the world a safer place is more US invasions of Muslim countries!

Oy vey, these may be two of the most esteemed journalists in American letters, but even the pot-addled hillbilly realizes a few sentences in that they're full of shit.

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