Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trump to ban bulldozers and power-shovels from border wall project

Multiple media sources are reporting that an internal GOP briefing note found in a dumpster in North Dakota may provide a snapshot of a possible Trump employment strategy. Apparently Trump's team toyed with the idea of banning power equipment from the Mexican Border Wall project.

They could be on to something. Think about how many jobs will be created! It'll be wheel-barrows and hand shovels all the way! Research shows that a single power shovel displaces 1500 hand-shovellers, and on a two thousand mile border project... hell, Finning Tractor and Cat are gonna go outta business!

But think of how many unemployed would be redeemed.

Then again, where in America are you going to find half a million shovel-wielders?

Oh great!... illegal Mexican immigrants are gonna build Trump's Mexican wall.

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