Friday, June 3, 2016

Canadian Museum of Banal Pieties has bloodied Malala school frock on view!

Yup, for a mere $18 you can see, personally, the school uniform Nobel laureate Malala wore the day those evil Taliban tried to rub her out. Fifty bucks buys a family pass.

This viewing experience will underline once and for all, as if it needs underlining, the superiority of our Western way of life. Yes, we let girls go to school. We let them drive cars! We even let them earn what, 75% of a man's wage?

Are we ever great!

As the regular reader will know (hi Kelly!), the think tank here at Falling Downs has been sceptical about the Museum from the get-go. I mean, how fucked up is it to build a "Museum of Human Rights" in the child poverty capital of Canada?! For $300 millions plus?

Get the fuck outta here!

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