Sunday, June 26, 2016

We're living in interesting times

All the usual suspects in the mainstream media are in full "sky-is-falling" mode over this Brexit thing. Corbyn's shadow cabinet has had what, eight resignations today? And their main complaint is that the Labour leader should have worked harder for the "remain" side.


Corbyn's unexpected rise to leadership of the Labour Party was predicated on his making a clear break with the Labour Party of the discredited war criminal Tony Blair. That's what drew all those new voters into the Labour fold. And Corbyn should have been out on the hustings, arm in arm with Phoney Tony, shilling for the "remain" side?


Later today we'll find out what transpires in Spain. That's another nation-state where the bloom has faded from the EU rose. Half the young people in the land are unemployed but they should count their blessings because it could be so much worse if they were outside looking in?

Then of course there's the (basket) case of Greece, where the electorate has already said nein danke to the Merkel austerity enema, only to be stabbed in the back by the weaselling Quislings they elected. They too are ready to wave bye-bye to unified Europe.

The EU was a noble idea at one time. Uniting the people of Europe in an economic bloc that would provide the rising tide to lift all boats. Never again would the Continent be ravaged by Hobbesian death matches among nations.  Unfortunately, the tide has gone out some time ago, and the EU has become nothing more than the thuggish enforcer of the neoliberal agenda dictated by Washington and parroted by Brussels.

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift.

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