Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump was never a right-winger

A lot of your mainstream liberal news platforms continue to pee their pants over the entire Trump-white-supremacist-right-winger-racist ball of yarn.

Donald Trump became all those things the day after he declared for the GOP nomination. Before that, he was just a pretty normal rich Manhattan liberal. There's literally thousands of them in Manhattan; in fact, Manhattan has the highest concentration of rich liberals anywhere in the world!

I've never been a Trump fan. The egregious self-promotion always put me off. Maybe I was just jealous.

But I became a fan when I saw how deftly this Manhattan liberal hijacked the Grand Old Party.

Hundreds of millions of donor dollars down the drain as Rubio and Cruz and Bush were all left at the curb.

Since then, the supposed "liberal" media have been doing their best to paint Trump in the darkest possible tones. To some extent I get the Trump anxiety. He does say some outrageous shit and he does aim for the headlines with that shit, but I think there's still the real DJT behind all that PR, and that's a dyed in the wool Manhattan liberal.

But what else is the "liberal" media to do? Admit that negotiating with North Korea is a good idea?

Admit that making peace with Putin is a good idea?

Admit that America's working class took it up the ass for NAFTA and every "free trade" agreement that's been signed since?

So I see their conundrum. And that conundrum does not form in a vacuum. It forms in an environment very much shaped by the beltway boffins who stage manage America's foreign policy, energy policy, defence policy, wars on drugs, immigrants, terror, and the working class, and of course the finance policies that allow government to bail out crooked banks but not struggling home-owners.

When your "free press" is that deeply embedded in the anus of the power elite, it's no wonder that this particular Manhattan liberal has been re-purposed as a "right-winger."

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