Saturday, June 18, 2016

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier calls out NATO warmongering

And just one day after fifty-one State Department nabobs in Exceptionalistan called for MORE warmongering! Yup, 51 drooling dickheads who truly believe America needs to be deeper into the muck of the Middle East went on the record demanding that US boots swarm into Syria, there to become targets for the Russian Air Force.

Not 24 hours later, there's Frank-Walter Steinmeier wagging his finger at the NATO gang and warning against needlessly antagonizing Russia.

Whoa! WTF is going on here?

You gotta love this line from the BBC story;

 Mr Steinmeier said that extensive Nato manoeuvres launched this month were counterproductive to regional security and could inflame tensions with Russia.

No shit!

This story tells us two important things.

1. The German polity is in no way united behind the "tough on Russia" US/NATO agenda.

2. Fifty-one warmongers at State will hear the words "you're fired" next January.

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