Sunday, June 19, 2016

The pot-addled hillbilly reflects...

Taking my cue from those NYT stalwarts, Friedman and Cohen, I'd like to take a few moments to reflect. Thank you for permitting the indulgence.

Donald Trump. Not that long ago Mr. Trump was yukking it up with Reverend Al.

Now he's a "white supremacist?"  Sure thing, Hillary!

Get outta here!

According to Thomas Friedman, Trump would have carpet-bombed the Islamic Middle East this week, because... well because Friedman knows he would have! Isn't that enough?

Islamic radicals. Yes, there are certainly Islamic radicals who hate America. But do they hate America for its freedoms? For the fact that America allows women to drive and queers to (mostly) thrive?

Or do they hate America because of what America has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia?..

Trump, like Sanders, has tapped into the vast disenchantment that Americans harbour for their elites. The American people don't want more stupid wars for oil or Israel. They want jobs, housing, health care, and a viable future.

That's what the political establishment has manifestly failed to provide, which is why these political outliers have such appeal.

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