Thursday, March 28, 2013

Canada shows lead in abandoning UN desertification treaty

Like a lot of UN endeavours, the desertification treaty has thus far led to occasional meetings, and not much else.

And Big Steve's decision to save the $350,000 a year Canada contributes to the drought protocol may seem like a big fat slab of phoney baloney coming from the guy who spent a million plus of tax-payer dollars shipping his bullet-proof Cadillac to India for a two day visit.

But what's really hilarious is listening to the opposition wankers despair of what this decision means to "Canada's reputation on the world stage."

For goodness sakes!

Canada no longer has a "reputation" on the world stage beyond being known as America's over-eager bumboy. With the sweaty hands of the effervescent John Baird at the controls, Canada's foreign policy has veered crazily between obsequious subservience to Lukid foreign policy and trying to keep the big dog south of the 49th happy.

There was a time when hewing to both the Likud agenda and the US agenda was relatively simple. With the ascent of the Oracle of Nairobi things have gotten a bit more complicated.

After six years of Harper mayhem, the Israeli's don't want to sell us the Dead Sea and the American's don't want to buy our tar sands oil.

So I can see why the Harper gang might be in the mood for a good pout, but why take it out on the UN?

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