Saturday, March 30, 2013

Living large in Ontario's hillbilly belt

I see where Dr. Hazel Lynn is once again the highest paid public servant locally.

For well over $300 thousand a year Lynn spends virtually all of her time warning the locals about the dangers of smoking and obesity, and waging a vendetta against Michael Schmidt, the local farmer who wants to be free to sell unpasteurized milk to folks who want to buy unpasteurized milk.

Lynn does her work from an office in the Health Unit, an edifice erected a few years ago at a cost well north of 20 millions for 10 thousand feet of floor space, making it the most expensive office space in Canada by a considerable margin.

Skeptics in the community maintain that Lynn's health cops could have made themselves some nice office space on the several floors of the hospital that are currently shuttered, for next to nothing, but I digress.

That new Health Unit build did win its architects some sort of award for being environmentally sensitive.

At two thousand bucks a foot you'd certainly hope so.

She's not the only one living large.

How does a town of 20,000 with a declining tax base have eighteen firefighters and six fire captains all making six numbers?

Time to consider a volunteer fire department.

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