Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why did Mitt Romney's tax evasion never become an election issue?

When I wrote about Mitt's taxes last summer it was obvious that the Mormon was fudging the truth about his income and the tax he pays on it.

I think Mitt's final position on the matter was something to the effect that on his US income he pays 14%, which the general public apparently deemed reasonable for a guy making tens of millions a year.

The qualifier in that admission was always "on his US income."

A guy as savvy as Mitt about offshore tax shelters doesn't make a lot of money in a place where he has to pay 14% tax if it's just as easy to make your money where the tax rate is zero.

This should be readily evident.

Not that there's anything illegal about it. After all the tax code is written by rich guys who want to make sure they leave themselves lots of escape routes while writing tax law for the little people.

I did several blog posts on the topic and they had a combined viewership of about seven.

Where my cats shit is of far greater interest to the blog-reading public than the tax-evasion strategies of a presidential candidate.

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