Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crippled by budget restrictions and political meddling, IDF now reads blogs to maintain strategic advantage

Major General Eyal Eisenberg is stirring up controversy over in the Holy Land with his claim that Israelis are not adequately protected by Iron Dome.

He goes so far as to claim that the anti-missile defense system has created a false sense of security.

Everything he is saying today was said over a year ago in a blog post entitled The flawed arithmetic of Iron Dome.

His interview perpetuates that false sense of security by focusing only on missiles from Hezbollah. The political establishment has for years been pounding the war-drums for a confrontation with Iran, in which case the Shia militia will be only an afterthought, and the Iron Dome advantage will have been exhausted within the first five minutes of hostilities.

Here's an option the political boffins may want to consider; make peace instead.

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