Sunday, March 31, 2013

IDF needs a few good men who didn't fail high school math

While I felt both flattered and vindicated by Major General Eyal Eisenberg's comments about the false sense of security engendered by Iron Dome, I was at the same time taken aback by the claim, five paragraphs from the bottom, that Hezbollah's arsenal consists of approximately 5,000 warheads.

Where the hell does he pull that number from, and how the hell does the media let it pass?

That's fewer rockets than Hezbollah used in the last Lebanon war.

Have Hezbollah been decommissioning their inventory and forgot to put out a press release?

Not likely.

Should a reasonable observer assume that they have more, not fewer missiles today?

I would think so.

Estimates of Hezbollah missile inventory typically range from 30,000 into the hundreds of thousands, depending on the motivations of the person doing the talking.

Eisenberg's estimate of 5,000 is by far the lowest I have seen in years.

Of course, if one tires of the hand-wringing over missile counts, there is another option; making peace with the neighbors.

Failing that, the best and the brightest will keep moving to Berlin.

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