Saturday, March 23, 2013

Only legitimate leader of the Syrian people lived in Texas last 30 years

The so-called Syrian opposition took another step into irrelevance this week by electing as its Prime Minister a US citizen who left Syria thirty years ago.

Ghassan Hitto has no track record of anti-Assad activism and is a total unknown inside Syria. The Syrian National Coalition elected him for one reason; he has the CIA stamp of approval.

That the SNC is fundamentally a CIA creation should be more than obvious by now. The interesting story that will play out in the months ahead is how this US puppet will manage relations with the Jabhat al Nusra elements who are actually doing the fighting in the country.

Not that the al-Qaeda affiliated radicals are any more a legitimate "Syrian" opposition than the SNC. Most of their fighters hail from outside the country too. And they have the backing of US allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

That fact too raises some interesting questions. How is it possible that the US spends hundreds of billions fighting al-Qaeda around the world, but her supposed allies are busy arming and funding al-Qaeda in Syria?

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