Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not-so-Brown Moses proves Syrian military uses cluster bombs!

CNN has a lovely hagiography on view of Elliot Higgins, aka Brown Moses, who has irrefutable evidence that the Assad regime has used cluster bombs. He also has evidence that some of the rebel armaments come from Croatia.

Actually, Elliot has shed some light on a question posed right here at Falling Downs; why does US navy ship Russian ammo?

As for the cluster bomb business, a quick scan of the Wikipedia page for "cluster munitions" reveals that the top four users of cluster bombs over the past twenty years are the US, UK, France, and Israel, in roughly that order.

So cluster bombs are hunky dory when used by the Nations of Virtue but a war crime when used by Assad?

Perhaps Elliot should spend more time parenting his wee daughter.

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