Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hand of al-Qaeda lurks behind Seleka rebellion in Central African Republic

Last December Central African Republic President Francios Bozize pleaded for urgent military support from his French and American "cousins." Both nations have troops on the ground in the country.

Looks like the cousins are prepared to let Bozize go down the commode of history, or more likely, live out a splendid retirement in Paris.

The fact that Western media are not touting the CAR rebellion as an al Qaeda affiliated plot is a clear signal that the US and/or France aren't planning to do anything about it. Their assumption seems to be that the Seleka coalition will be as hospitable to the continued rape of the country by foreign multi-nationals as was Bozize, so why bother?

While the CAR has not been known as an al-Qaeda hot spot, the rebel coalition is largely although not exclusively drawn from the Muslim population. As such, it will no doubt be informed by al-Qaeda sensibilities and sympathies that are flourishing in a number of neighboring countries.

Surprised that this story doesn't get more prominence in the mainstream media. Maybe it's because the Nations of Virtue are going to be stretched so thin by the pending Syria intervention that they can't do anything about it anyway.

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